After attending the Indiana University summer journalism camp in high school, I knew that photography was more than a hobby. I worked 12 hours in the dark room, with the exception of short breaks, and for the first time I wanted to keep working and learning. So called "common sense" ideas about educatIon stifled my creativity in college and I eventually became a lawyer. However, I never stopped shooting. 

A turn of events allowed me to take a sabbatical from law - to travel, explore and create. Throughout this journey, I have connected with many men and women and listened to their stories. We all have hopes; we all want love. Being able to connect these emotions with a camera seems like a stark contrast to reality. My goal is to tell your stories through photography - sharing your journeys, eclectic personalities, loves, breakups, scars and sadness, and celebrations.   

My journey continues forward primarily shooting portraits, artistic portraits, athletic events, families, head shots, landscape and commercial photography. I enjoy working with individuals, children, and even pets. I travel often to Chicago, yet am mainly in the West Michigan area. If you have any questions, or would like to work with me, please contact me at: sarah@sarahgreenephotography.​com

Thank you for your support, Sarah Greene